Which stock indices are worth to own in early 2015?

12.02.2015 19:22 (London time)
After the first few weeks of 2015, we can say that our expectations about what will happen in stock markets have been confirmed. Nowadays, the most important is monetary policy of central banks. What impact does it have on stock indices? See how we use it in trading these markets ...


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Trading with stock indices

Stock indices: Italy - MIB and USA - S&P 500 


  • Information is important and even more important is to understand them. That is what we are trying to do in PTA Trading Floor. We want to show you only understandable information so you as an investor will know what else to do. Nobody will be surprised if we say information is money.
  • During last months of 2014 we were mentioning to our clients about opportunities to earn on stock indices. We predicted also stronger growth for European shares compared to those from United States in the end of last year. Euro has weakened because ECB started quantitative easing. For this article, we chose to show you Italian index MIB as example, which we traded. Despite the fact that we predicted weaker growth of US stock indices compared to European ones, we succeed in long position at S&P 500 too. Even when the market was trading sideways. For more information how to take advantage when volatility is low and the market is trading sideways, please read the article - Sideways trading: Open the trade at the price where you would place a Stop Loss order.


Italian stock index MIB: We opened long position at 18875.80 in mid-January, due to the reason described above. It was swing trade (several weeks horizon). Price quickly moved in our direction therefore we closed the trade although we believe that the market has potential to grow further. We hold other long positions in European markets, therefore we will consider further purchases of MIB later. After 14 days we closed our trade at 20732.3 on 5th Feb 2015. We earned in 14 days 2118.27 USD (1856.50 points = €) i.e. + 3.7% in our model portfolio PTA Trading Floor.



US stock index S&P 500 E-mini: We decided on the same day when we opened the position at MIB, that we will take opportunity to profit on the other side of Atlantic. The market has been trading sideways (How to trade sideways? for more info) so we decided that we will buy at the bottom of trading zone, where the price tested December low. Trade was opened at 1980.75. Risk Reward Ratio (RRR) for this trade was 1:4. RRR is a ratio of how much money we are willing to risk to how much we can gain. For example RRR 1:4 would mean that we risk 10 USD so we can earn 40 USD.

We have finally closed the position after 8 days on 28th Jan 2015 and we earned 2038.50 USD (+57.75 points) i.e. + 5.2%. We closed the trade because we think that the market will continue to trade sideways and thus it will lag behind Europe, India, Japan and China. These markets have interesting potential in the coming months or years. If you want to know how to benefit from these lucrative markets opportunities, what is the risk and how to manage it, subscribe to PTA Trading Floor.



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Information in this report is not trading / investment tip or recommendation. The purpose of this report is to educate and inform only - in accordance to Pevoni Trading Academy (PTA) purpose to provide clients with knowledge and experience. This report is only an example and preview to show how trading / investing in reality works. We in PTA believe that learing is faster in reality with practice and therefore we in Pevoni Trading Academy (PTA) teach on real trades and real charts that are happening now, not in the past. Trading signals and tips from PTA are not design as trading advice or recommendations to realise any purchase, sell or possession of any investment instrument. If the information creates any incentive to open trade/investment, Pevoni Trading Academy (PTA) and PTA representatives are not resposible for results. You are fully responsible for your trading and investing decisions. Trading And investing carry a risk of losing money. Past development does not guarantee future returns. If you do not know the risks of trading and investing, you should avoid this business. Trading/investing with leverage (FX, Futures, CFDs, etc..) carries a risk of losing more money than your initial investment. Get better education and experience, we recommend the service PTA Personal Mentor. Read more about the risk here.

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Author: Lubos Snirc

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