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Obtaining broader pricture

"The content of the training is complex. Speaker has no problem to adapt to individual requirements. Currently, I am testing gained knowledge in my trading system. I can say now that it definitely improved it and I have moved further. Gradually I become more prudent trader. I have met profesional who knows what he is talking about and can use it in market reality. He is able to pass on his experience in a friendly manner. I do recommend the training because you will get broader picture of what's happening on the markets."

Pavol S., September 2012
Absolvent of PTA Trading Floor


Realistic insight to trading

"Comprehensive training covering all aspects of trading. Peter had adapted training flexibly to meet individual customer demands in time and in course content. I have gained an initial comprehensive and realistic view of the trading and idea of what to do further. Good access to educational materials. Thank you."

Luba P., October 2012
Absolvent PTA Personal Mentor


Friendly and well informed approach

"The content of the course is absolutely core justification of market funcionality. The trading system is simple to understand. Trades are not frequent, which is good at least in my case as I am busy with other things and generaly I think that I have received greater insight into the markets. As said many times during the training "In simplicity there is beauty". For me it was beneficial that the system does not use any indicators which mainly show just what price has done in the past. Until the course I used to use them, so I'm glad I do not see them on my platform any more."

Ivan D., June 2012
Absolvent of the PTA Trading Floor


PTA helped me to huge change

"Finally, I am in profit after long time. I used to be confused and suffered while trading. I didn't have time for anything and I stressed a lot then. PTA Daily Online helped me to change my life. Harmony works. My family and me are more balanced and last month I made 34% profit. Many thanks for opening my eyes."

Josef K., January 2012
Absolvent of the PTA Trading Floor


Excellent course

"I highly recommend to all of you, that want to understand forex trading better, but also other markets. Peter is a patient mentor and he goes into details. He loves what he does. It was very beneficial for me. Thanks. I am not stressing. I know how to do recognise entry and exit setups and how to stay in trading plan. Thank you very much."

Adam S., February 2012
Absolvent of the PTA Personal Mentor


Amazing course

"Huge satisfaction. Interactivity and professional approach. I have gained a contact person with whom I can consult trading issues if necessary. Mentor has extensive experience with trading, can learn, advise and determine the direction of price moves. He is a professional who does not pretend anything. Amazing course that due to mentor's professionalism and interactivity moves trader quickly forward. It is different but interesting approach, which by now I have not pay attention to. It makes your ideas about the potential trading opportunities more realistic."

Andrea S., June 2012
Absolvent of PTA Personal Mentor


Context which I previously ignored

"My expectations about the course were more than satisfied, I have gained a new perspective on trading and I have pushed it much further. Patterns that I thought I knew, have now a new dimension. I have started trying different approaches and strategies than ever before. Now looking at the price chart, I see the context which I previously ignored. Thanks for everything. I won't give you 5 stars just to prevent you from stagnation so you will always improve yourselves and bring other people new information about trading :-)"

Marek P., August 2012
Absolvent of PTA Personal Mentor


Flexible approach

"It was the best course I ever been on. Peter was very flexible, when I needed to change the time of the course. It was no problem even in the early morning. I will come back for sure."

Peter H., February 2012
Absolvent of the PTA Trading Floor



Positive meeting

”Peter delivered what I expected according to the cost of the course. He explained significant aspects of trading very well. I am an experienced trader and it was interesting to listen to him especially in live trading. That was the first time I saw a real live trading on course. However, his system is partialy suitable for me. I earn money by different techniques, but I don’t say that it wasn’t worth the money. New ideas are always good."

Tibor S., November 2011
Absolvent of the PTA Personal Mentor


Patience and clarity

"Peter is a patient mentor. He leaves no question unanswered and properly clarified. When I was confused in his comments and interpretations, Peter clearly explained the issue even several times when I needed and justified adequately with practical examples. From my point of view I would put more emphasis on the chart analysis, and details of opening and exiting trade. But on the other hand, these things are discussed at PTA Trading Floor which is included in price. I hope we go through this in more detail on the second session."

Ivan M., March 2013
Absolvent PTA Personal Mentor